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Who is milo ventimiglia dating now

“I didn’t really keep myself together as I should have.

Once I got through that hardship and emotional hurt, I started wanting to take care of my body more and present myself as a better person.” At the time, the 5'9" Ventimiglia barely tipped the scales at 137 pounds.

"They said: ‘You look too young,’ and I was like: ‘Yeah, but I’m 24.' They’d be like: ‘Kid, you look like you’re 17,’" he added.

"I mean, even now — I’m 40 this year, and they’re like: ‘No, you’re not.'" . I’ve got a crooked mouth." Ugh, we're personally offended by the fact that change!

Show creator Kring was specifically looking for an actor who could play someone on the cusp of manhood.

“When we first meet Milo’s character, Peter,” says Kring, “he’s a bit lost and unsure of what his role in life is.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) He has absolutely no control over part of his mouth though.

He was born with "dead nerves" in his mouth and was frequently asked to fix his “crooked mouth," meaning the part of his mouth that turns upwards.

The important thing is that you were introduced to the imperfect charm the 40-year-old actor brings to the screen.

But, what you might not have noticed is his droopy lip.

The star was actually born with a slight deformity that impacts his mouth.

Milo Ventimiglia is a repeat offender when it comes to dipping in the co-worker pool.

The “This Is Us” star dated co-stars Alexis Bledel (“Gilmore Girls”) and Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”), but in hindsight has learned a thing or two about mixing business with pleasure. Porter when asked what he learned from his experience.

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As the evening progressed and his companion began to learn more about the 30-year-old star of NBC’s hit drama , the young lady grew increasingly uncomfortable.

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