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Posted by / 11-Jul-2017 04:47

How do you even know if your marriage is in the danger zone?

And what do you do if you are sure your marriage is failing and needs a major reboot?

So throwing in the towel prematurely and not working to mend what is broken can be a big mistake.

But nor am I an advocate of going down with the ship. Sometimes, despite one’s best intentions, two people are not able to make it work.

If after all your efforts serious problems persist, something else needs to happen.

Without knowing any of the specifics of your personal situation, it is impossible to provide definitive advice on whether you should break it off permanently with your husband (or wife) or if you should try an entirely different approach. Let’s take the case of a woman whose husband has been emotionally abusive over a long period of time.

But another path one can try before breaking away from a dysfunctional marriage is trying to do something that hopefully will be transformative. But more often than not, such promises ring hollow, perhaps not in the moment they were made, but eventually the problems that existed before surface and cause conflict.

So how can you start a marriage over, without breaking it completely? Is there another way to get a second chance at making the marriage work? I believe that in some circumstances, particularly when the stakes are high, it becomes necessary to jar someone’ sense of routine.

It is not unusual to find yourself down in the dumps if you can’t imagine living with your husband (or wife) much longer.Emotional dependency is real thing, but it is a condition that can be addressed and treated over time.Separation and divorce can certainly have an adverse negative impact on the children if not managed properly, but children can also be impacted negatively if they live in an unhealthy marital environment.So what may be in the wife’s best interest is usually a very complicated question.Usually, in my view, one’s personal happiness outweighs most other factors.

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Financial considerations are worthy of close scrutiny, but they should not outweigh the other factors.