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MAI.2013 – Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Piracicaba / SP, along with Fabiano Manhas and Daniel Moura. MAI.2013 -Aquiles Priester in Japan and China in July 2013. MAI.2013 -Vinnie Moore invites all the Brazilians FANS to the show of his solo band at Manifesto Rock Bar, on 23/05/2013!

This time of year, it seems that everything is more peaceful, everything we went through over a year, it is possible to remember and look back to analyze all our steps.v=Jt Kkl DJe Jc A Band with members of Shaman and Aquiles Priester.The Noturnall today released the third and final part of the documentary about the formation.We appreciate the support of all and to come in 2014 with HEAVY METAL! For the 5 best drawings we receive during the next 7 days, we’ll present he or she with NOTURNALL photo, autographed by the entire band! The heavy and progressive sound of the single is just a taste for the album with the launch scheduled for January 2014 and demonstrates the desire of the group to produce innovative work. Explore all the metal lines and their slopes in search of a modern language that speaks to all audiences, “says vocalist Thiago Bianchi.The clip, which is set in New York and with the participation of the band’s producer Russel Allen, shows the deep dark side of the human being and was a tribute to a close friend of the band, recently deceased.

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“We want to show young people that drugs are killing more and destroying lives.

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