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Though I don’t need to defend my method thanks to the double-dub (WW) aspect, even when I make a “real” cake I usually use box mix because let’s face it: Betty’s been doing it way longer than I have, and has pretty much perfected the art.There are 8 oz in a cup, so 64/6 = 10 to 11 oz, or 1 cup 2 tbsp. For the first colour into the pan, measure out 2/3 to 3/4 of your mix (in this case about 1 c) as close to the middle as you can.

Except I’m making a cake and I created my own frosting. I’ve seen it done before, but I swear I made it up first! This is just how I make it because I have delusions of wearing size 2 someday. Since I’m going in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, I got from red to yellow in the first pan, then purple, blue, green in the second. So I did mention something about health and/or diet food in my last post, and while this recipe is the latter, it is most certainly not to be confused with the former. Pour Drop the colours, one by one, into the middle of the pan, in neat concentric-ish gobs.I posted about my rainbow cake here, and it got a lot of traffic on over to my livejournal, and everyone wanted the “recipe.” The cool thing is that if you’re making something so distractingly colourful, people will think it’s delicious no matter what. so I’m sure you’ll find a use for this recipe soon. Remember the cake is going to be sliced in the side there, so mixing it around on top isn’t going to make your slices any more psychedelic (trust me, I did the three-dimensional thinking for you already).The first time you do something, you’ve got a steep learning curve. What steps did you take to be sure you're safely on your new trajectory? Lee Now that Christmas is behind us and most of us are casting our thoughts toward the new year, I feel compelled to ask if any of you received anything beneficial for your business this Christmas?So you spend hours trying to figure something out … --Lisa Looking back on what you originally had in mind for your small business vs where you are now, whether you are a month into your endeavor or a year, how do these differ? Not necessarily found wrapped under a tree - anything...

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