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Desmond harrington who is he dating

Lovejoy sells the piece back, without the headdress. To complicate matters, an Income Tax officer is also after Lovejoy.

Kika Mirylees [ Corinna Hope ], Leslie French [ Cuthie ], Jo Ross [ Helen ], Ellis Dale [ Maple ], Russell Keith Grant [ David ], Charlotte Edwards [ Kate Lovejoy ], Paul Antrim [ DS Steve Hill ], Mark Penfold [ DS Lloyd ], Mark Monero [ Woody ], Jenny Logan [ Antique Shop Owner ], Peter Tuddenham [ Auctioneer ], Ron Tarr [ Loader ], Norman Fisher [ Signalman ] Bigelow, Amanda, Dandy Jack, Alexander, Mrs Cameron Lovejoy is trying to help a young woman trace a pair of Meissen figures, which she had sold to raise cash for a drug habit.

An army major hires Lovejoy to find Wilkes, so as to gain a commission, he says, but Lovejoy is suspicious.

Kean Kent [ Madelaine Gilbert ], Ronald Frazer [ Michael Edwards ], Edita Brychta [ Melanie Ford ], Phil Smeeton [ DS Armstrong ], Tenniel Evans [ James Ford ], Jack Chissack [ Antique Yard Owner ], John Labanowski [ Major Sullivan ], Francois D'Aubigny [ Adjutant Alain Bernard ] Madelaine Gilbert is an ex-movie star who wishes to sell some antiques, much to the delight of Tinker, who is a big fan.

Catherine Strauss [ Nicole ], Burnell Tucker [ Edward ], Jo Ross [ Helen ], Charlotte Edwards [ Kate Lovejoy ], Freda Dowie [ Mrs Springer ], Sheila Keith [ Museum Curator ], Anthony Jackson [ Brian ], Paul Antrim [ DS Steve Hill ] Amanda, Dandy Jack, Bigelow After a robbery at the local museum, and the death of a local forger, which seem to be connected, Lovejoy goes on the trail of a hidden hoard of Roman coins in the Isle of Man.

Maslow ], Anthony Jackson [ Brian ], Keith Marsh [ Auctioneer ], Mike Brown [ Coastguard ] Amanda, Bigelow, Alexander, Mrs Cameron, Dandy Jack, Drabble Lovejoy ("No Mister, just Lovejoy") is an East Anglian antiques dealer who lives a somewhat hand-to-mouth existence, despite being a 'divvie' - a man who just "knows the right of something".

She hires Lovejoy, but then her house is robbed just before the auction, and the robbery bares a striking similarity to a number of others in both England and France.

Caroline Blakiston [ Miss Hemingway ], Mel Martin [ Susan Lovejoy ], Tania Rodriques [ Khadija Subhani ], Amelia Shankley [ Vicky Lovejoy ], Laurence Harrington [ Cyril Harrington-Morse ], Gloria Connell [ Mrs Harrington-Morse ], Saffron Penny [ Lavinia ], Miranda Bell [ Lavinia's Mother ], Ricard Brain [ Sales Assistant ], Aden Gillett [ Charles Garner ], Annee Blott [ School Secretary ], James Warrior [ Taffy Griffiths ], John Cator [ Sam ], Chris Hunter [ Auctioneer ], Sudha Bhuchar [ Aisha Subhani ], Sue Nye [ Letitia ] Lovejoy is in trouble for not paying Vicky's school fees.

Lovejoy sets out to unravel the puzzle, dressing as a priest in the process.

Ray Lonnen [ Tony Palmer ], Donald Hewlett [ Harry ], Jenny Runacre [ Sandra ], Leslie French [ Cuthie ], Tony Wreddon [ Pierre ], Diana Blackburn [ Sarah ], Peter Mac Kriel [ Jimmy ], Forbes Collins [ Morgan ], Cherry Morris [ Louise ], Jennifer Clulow [ TV Presenter ], Brian Goodfellow [ Dave ], Stephen Garlick [ Shopkeeper ] Dandy Jack Wanting to get away from cahrlie for a few days, Lovejoy accepts a job at a new antiques market in Norwich, which is owned by a client of Lady Jane's.

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Alexander Knox [ Pinder ], Gwen Humble [ Caterina and Lavinia ], Haydn Gwynne [ Cosima ], Albie Parsons [ Nancy ], Albert Welling [ Gerry ], Steven Pacey [ Keith ], Max Latimer [ Tonio ], Guido Adorni [ Giuseppe ], Lorna Barton [ Miriam ], Andrew Darby [ Cesare ], Mark Mc Bride [ Vita ], Sidney Kean [ Barman ], Fulton Mackay [ Luciano ], Jacob Witkin [ Carlo ] Mrs Cameron, Alexander, Drabble Now established at the workshop in Venice, Lovejoy meets a Scottish forger called Luciano ('Lucky'), and together they unravel the mystery surrounding the twin sisters and the 'Island of Rats'.

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