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It was very strong but it was also a comforting scent.Many years later I purchased a small bottle of this for a very reasonable price and upon smelling Obsession thats when I remembered that day.When I was about 11 or 12--tall for my age, and able to wear my mother's tan trench coat in what was probably a hilarious display of attempted sophistication--I strolled into my local mall's department store, making a bee line towards the perfume counter.My equally awkward friend was examining CK One, which was hugely popular at the time. I was drenched in oriental for several days, trailing it like a truck hauling a huge boat through an adolescent weekend of malls, movies, and pizza joints. It is spicy but has a sweet side to it that doesn't work very well. I was expecting it to be spicier, but it is actually safe. Classic and cozy, wears wonderfully under heavy layers. It's up there with Elizabeth Arden's red door and Opium. Definitely not a style of perfume common currently- no sparkle, no fruity-floral, no food or sugar notes. I like Must since it does have the galbanium kick in the beginning (which I love) and I don't get anything green/herbal in Obsession. Why I have been ignoring such an amazing classic all of these years?? After a few minutes it becomes spicy and I smell something like cinnamon and cloves. The most warm,sensual vanilla ever, until the whole drydown of the perfume! I haven't smelled the reformulated version in years, so I can't compare. It's a strong statement fragrance, and I can see how it's not for everyone. The ultimate in warm, comfort, cozy winter perfumes. I still want to try the new Obsession just out of curiosity. The problem is, I am not a fan of the initial green note upon spraying. I tested a sample of Obsession that I had and I instantly fell in love!

I layered this with a rose oud body butter and was in heaven! it also reminds me of Alien Essence Absolue, but is strong where Absolue was weak on my skin.

If I put pure nostalgia aside, Obsession is still deeply sensual, warm spicy oriental fragrance, with great performance and high endurance. Wear it on the skin, treat Obsession as a lover, it still has all the charms to reward you, enchant you and embrace you. For the currently sold version (2015): • Love (and I pray that it stays that way) • longevity: very long lasting (I can still get 12 hours) • silage: moderate, but thickly • weather, time, occasion: Moderately cold to cold. I tried the old and new side by side, so I am not relying on memories from 18 years ago. and it's been reforumlated, a mere thread of its former self.

I am almost sure that younger Fragranticians, or those who missed the opportunity to get acquainted with Obsession at the peak of its popularity will find this version full and really rich. I wear it from deep autumn until the end of the winter. Its a sex bomb, but it can also be as comforting as a chai tea and smells like Christmas. I think it always will be, not because I am sentimental about it, but because it's good. I love it too but the reformulation rather ruined it.

luckily winter lasts about 8 months here) I realized that Tabu most reminded me of Obsession... I'm still from that rural small town, so my purchases are almost always blind buys from ebay. I remember it was my first day of school;first grade to be exact,and I had missed the bus and she volunteered to take me.

All I could smell on her and in her car was this scent.

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