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According to the compatibility horoscope, it is clear that the "fire" in both partners allows them to reach agreement and understanding through physical love, which could significantly strengthen their marriage, and serve as a "method" to achieving peace.Strange, but Aries woman needs to prove her power more than the Leo man.Lake Lerna, the scene of the story of the Hydra, lies in Argeia and the Mycenaean territory; and on account of the cleansings that take place in it there arose a proverb, 'A Lerna of ills.' Now writers agree that the county has plenty of water, and that, although the city itself lies in a waterless district, it has an abundance of wells.These wells they ascribe to the daughters of Danaus, believing that they discovered them ...Hi iam leo man i fell in love whit aireswoman but she hurt me so badly four time i dont really i want yo i know i love so much whit all my heart hope she can call me and resolve or problem in the ready for her oh yeah I've never loved another like my leo lover April 1st August 1st truly meant to be he can put my fire out quick and when I explode he takes it knowing who I am we don't try to change one another we just be the connection is inside and internally we feel each other even from far away when fighting there are fireworks but after ten years we have learned we are both bombs no one bigger than the other we retreat and come back with love Aka amazing sex and mind fucks I mean the mental stimulation is amazing love my leo I'm dating a Leo man and I must admit I'm falling quickly for him. But I know fully well is the the second Paragraph of this write-up here is totally present in my Aries ladies born on April 4th, 11th and 14th respectively. "Zodiac sign Aries is hot-tempered, self- willed, headstrong and has a very capricious character.He's giving me what no other zodiac has given me and it feels GREATTTT!!!! Aries woman is no complex, she always behaves as the way it is seen fit.

Whan Aries woman cannot do for another man, she can do it for a Leo man. I've always gravitated to Leo guys for some reason. I saw u you put that they tend to act wreckless and careless and forgetful!My leo man and I are pretty much best friends and can have our spats here and there but the love and adoration and chemistry is very much still there and I can not see myself loving another the way I love him. I THINKMOST OF IT IS VERY TRUE COURSE MY GIRLFRIEND SHE4S ARIES AND I' M LEO AND WE ARE HAVING ALOT OF personal problem but when we a calm and happpy there's non like us but when we start arguments it's very difficul I am a leo man, and my Aries woman is so damn amazing lol. But after a while, Leo man with astonishment and indignation will watch his woman's impulsivity, disorganization, complete lack of order in her thoughts and deeds.I never thought all this astrology stuff was really worth the time to delve in to, but I was clearly wrong. She is forgetful, confuses dates and events, and at that is hot-tempered and indomitable temperament.Leo man would want to cut her down to size, but Aries woman sees any opposition no other way than as an attack on her freedom: She would not give up without a fight, and would quickly take the defense".Seriously, I always wanna cut down my Aries friends down to size when they start misbehaving or being careless with their actions and attitudes but bec we are naturally made together, I always tamper justice with mercy, Lol.

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