Consolidating partnerships with corporations

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Consolidating partnerships with corporations

Figure 1 illustrates the trend in Canada and global dollar sales growth and shows Canadian annual growth rate.The pace of growth in the global market has also slowed but remains stronger than Canada's, largely due to the strong growth in emerging markets.Drawing on the current and prospective outlook assessment of the industry, the discussion paper undertakes a analysis discussing future prospects, threats and opportunities facing the industry.This discussion paper does not examine the Canadian distribution channels.

The proposed corporate or partnership name can be verified online via Iregister system of SEC; or thru Name Verification Unit at G/F Secretariat Building, PICC Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City; or thru Satellite Offices and SEC Extension Offices.The discussion paper is organized into three main sections.Following the introduction (2.0), section 3.0 discusses the current situation in the Canadian industry including the recent performance of the overall market and discusses the four segments of companies (brand, generic, contract service providers and biopharma analysis of the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.While recent pharmaceutical industry trends in Canada have been challenged with poor market growth and pressures from global competition, there still remains a very viable industry which if aided by stronger industrial sector support can flourish and successfully compete in this new and much more globally competitive business environment.Canada also has an opportunity to be a global leader in certain new growth areas.

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IMS data resources: , the Canadian market was the 8th largest in the world and accounted for 2.6% of total global purchases, down slightly from a share of 2.7% in 20.