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Anna Paquin “Your best online source” features galleries and press.Anna Paquin Online Mostly a latest updates page but with a media and gallery section.In September 2010, Paquin, Moyer, and costar Alexander Skarsgard turned heads by going completely nude (and covered in blood) on the cover of .PHOTOS: Before they were on True Blood Paquin, who will get frisky with costar Joe Manganiello in this season’s premiere, talked about filming a love scene with another man in front of her husband of four years. The former onscreen and real-life couple posed in a racy shoot, in which they were cuddling in a coffin, with Paquin entirely nude.PHOTOS: Biggest magazine cover controversies The headline reads, “Inside the Crazy, Sexy Final Season of True Blood.” This isn’t the first time the cast of the vampire drama has appeared in a racy shoot.“But Lorien is beautiful, brilliant and the mother of his daughter.

Anna on “The Daily Show” 2002 interview with Anna at the time of the “25th Hour” release.Spielberg cast her as Queen Isabella II in “Amistad,” and Anna follows that with “Hurlyburly” and “She’s All That” in 1999.2000 saw Anna as Rogue in the blockbuster “X-Men,” the Sean Connery vehicle “Finding Forrester,” and as Polexia Aphrodisia in “Almost Famous.” She’s Philip Seymour Hoffman’s student in “25th Hour,” and reprising the role of Rogue in “X2” in 2003, and again in “X-Men: The Last Stand” three years later.Since then, Anna’s appeared in indie films like “Blue State,” “Mosaic,” and the HBO miniseries “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” Anna can currently be seen in third season of "True Blood," and will appear alongside Matt Damon in the new drama, "Margaret," later this year.In 2010, Anna Paquin announced that she was bisexual in a video ad supporting gay rights.

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OK, so I have a little bit of a leg up in that particular area with my on-screen [partner].” There’s a question being posed by got a hold of an interview Anna allegedly did where she claims that their relationship was “unstoppable” and that they tried “to stay professional for as long as we could.” Yeah, it sounds like Anna was homewrecking the hell out of Stephen.

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